Email Marketing

If your email marketing isn't generating quality leads, let us help. Our email marketing software will make sure your email newsletter, email advertising, and other important communications produce the results you really want. Exysoft Marketing Email is the fastest growing e-mail environment Management Marketing E-Facilitator solution created by marketers for marketers. Exysoft Marketing Email helps you secure your valued customer base and enhances prospects of consumer repeat returns by using attractive and professional appearance email communications to reach out and build strong customer relationships.

Why Exysoft Marketing Email ?

  • Robust and comprehensive features
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Developed and monitored by marketers, for marketers

Exysoft Marketing Email features will help you to :
  • Comprehensively manage your business and grow your customer list
  • Successfully launch your own effective sales outreach campaign
  • Flawlessly track your own market data
  • Access many other affordable integral customer-driven facility features which are essential to business owners interested in reaching out to the market and to grow their business

How does Exysoft Marketing Email work?
  • Exysoft Marketing Email is a hosted live web based e-mail Management Marketing E-Facilitator that with systems customization engineering as an integral part of the package thus facilitating programming expansion capabilities to meet your growth requirements.
  • Exysoft Marketing Email communicates with your customers as peers instead of "talking at or down to them" and communicating with your customers as a "real" partner on an equitable basis, just makes good business sense.
  • Through a dedicated "peer to peer" communications channel, your customers as your peers will be more receptive and appreciate the dedication and attention you provide.
  • Exysoft Marketing Email allows you to simply log-in to your account, and start sales-campaigning in immediately creating and sending e-mail.
  • Exysoft Marketing Email does not require program software to be downloaded or installed on your computer.

Exysoft Marketing Email offers enhanced features that serve specific needs for several vertical market segments:
  • Online Retailers
  • Event Planners and Entertainment Promotions
  • Publishing and Media
  • Real Estate
  • Associations
  • Government & Non-Profits
  • Agencies & Email Marketing Firms
  • Design Firms
  • Internet Services / VARs
  • Added Value Services
  • Others